We empower patients
to manage their health

We offer innovative solutions to
health care providers
to improve their care delivery

We bring all entities
involved in delivering care
under one local hub

We bring all entities involved in
delivering care from rural villages
to cities under the local hub

iPhysicianHub Network


The only integrated technology platform to increase patient base, revenue, and patient delight

Build Online BrandBuild online brand

Let patients reach you through your own website, rather through others

Increase Patient ConnectIncrease patient connect

Our integrated platform helps you to efficiently connect and communicate with patient population

Join Ideal Health NetworkJoin Ideal Health network

Join the popular discount health network, and grow along with the growing network

Integrated Patient PortalOffer integrated patient portal

Offer e-Consultation, online appointments, online health records, reminders, and   emergency access card

Collaborative CareEnhance collaborative care

Improve transition of care and continuity of care – send, receive, and track referrals

Metrics ReportEnsure metrics driven progress

Our data driven, metrics based approach helps you to gauge the progress

iHealthAssistant– Your health in your hands

A free app that you can use on your phone or access your account at iHealthAssistant.com from anywhere and anytime