EMO-iClinic – Free EMR for all Doctors

Establish online clinic – online appointment booking, patient records, payment collection, maintain patient registry for better coordination. Doctors can also offer tele-visits and e-visits to their patients.

EMO-iClinicApp  – Manage your clinic from anywhere and anytime through EMO-iClinicApp on your mobile phone.

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EMO-iHospital – Free Hospital Information System for Hospitals

EMO Hospital Information System has several unique advantages over other existing legacy iHospital systems. EMO-iHospital focuses on four functional areas – care management, day-to-day operations management, finance management and inventory management. Care management handles out-patient as well as in-patient care management – starting from registration, inpatient care, and discharge. Out-patient module handles the department specific and doctor specific schedules, patient registration, patient appointments as well as billing. EMO-iHospital also has the provision to generate prescription orders, clinical summary, and patient registration card (this also helps during emergency as emergency card).

Secure Referral App – Manage your patient referrals Secure Referral App and receive alerts when any patient is referred to you and coordinate effectively.

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Diagnostic Labs

EMO-iDiagnostics – Free Lab Information System for Diagnostic Labs

Establish online lab – online lab tests orders, communication, payment collection, sharing the reports electronically. Provision to electronically communicate with referring doctor for any ordered lab test.

EMO-iDiagnosticApp – Receive alerts when any patient books the lab orders and coordinate with the patients from anywhere and anytime.

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EMO-iPharmacy – Free Pharmacy Management System for Pharmacies

Establish online pharmacy – online pharmacy orders, communication, payment collection, maintain automated re-fill /re-order threshold levels. Electronically communicate with referring doctor while suggesting equivalent / alternate medicines.

EMO-iPharmacyApp – Manage your pharmacy completely with EMO-iPharmacyApp. Any pharmacy in India, even without a desktop computer or internet can monitor and manage the pharmacy efficiently with EMO-iPharmacyApp.

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Nationwide Provider Network and Directory

Doctors, Hospitals, Pharmacies, Diagnostic Labs – Sign up and improve patient care and increase your patient base

Add your profile

If you are a doctor, hospital, pharmacy, diagnostic lab, physical therapies, ayurvedic centers or any healthcare provider register for free and enter your details, including location, contact details, type of services offered, office timings, doctor/provider names and specialty so that patients can easily search and contact your facility.

Connect with other provider and referral for patients

Join iPhysicianHub network, connect with other healthcare providers for patient referrals and better care coordination.

Additional Services

Website and Social Media

iPhysicianHub can help the participating providers to enhance their websites and social media presence, by making them mobile friendly so that they can be accessed by the users all over India from any device, anywhere, and anytime.

Online Brand Promotion

iPhysicianHub will assist all the participating providers to have proper online and social media presence, search advertisement, and social media ads to build the brand and increase patient awareness and volume.

Health-IT Expertise and Support Services

iPhysicianHub will extend Health-IT services and expertise to all the participating healthcare providers to help transition their facilities to meet the needs of the new digital healthcare world for new initiatives as well as ongoing support services.

Download Doctor/Provider Apps

Download the provider app (EMO-iClinicApp for the doctors and the hospitals, EMO-iPharmacyApp for the pharmacies, EMO-iDiagnosticsApp for the diagnostic labs) so that you can receive patient information, appointment notifications and alerts, and communicate with the patients. You can also use the browser on your phone or desktop.