EMO-iPharmacy (PMS for Pharmacies) - Free Order Confirmation Details

    Pharmacy Details

  • Address Details

  • Authorized Representative

  • Users Details (More users can be added once your account is activated):

  • Owner Contact Details

  • Manager Contact Details

  • Pharmacist Contact Details

  • Start Date and Training:

  • Preferred Training Date and Time for Pharmacist Training (up to 30 minutes)

  • Preferred Training Date and Time for Staff Training (up to 30 minutes)

  • Note: After initial trainings are completed, both the management and staff can participate in our daily group training sessions offered to 1) Doctors/Clinics, 2) Hospitals, 3) Diagnostic Labs, 4) Pharmacies. Group training classes are FREE for our customers.
  • Requirements for Free Pharmacy Management System (PMS):

  • Fees: FREE (Pay Only Onetime Setup Fees – See promotion and details below)

  • Monthly License Fee: FREE
  • Onetime Setup Fee: INR 5000 (INR 1000 Discount, if you sign up and pay immediately)
  • Referral Credit: You will receive INR 1000 credit for each new customer referral, which will be added to your account. (Example: If you refer 10 doctors/hospitals/labs/pharmacies, you will receive a credit of INR 10,000 which will be added to your account). We will also offer INR 1000 discount to new customers that are referred by our active customers.

  • Optional Solutions and Services (paid services): Not Applicable
  • Note: Fees for optional paid services (SMS Patient Outreach and Digital Marketing to promote your business and connect with your patients) is only applicable when purchased or you can use your FREE Rewards/Credit amount that is added to your account, when you refer new customers and use it for the optional paid services.
  • Total amount due for this order (onetime setup fee only, if signed up and paid immediately): INR 4000.

  • Note: You will receive a confirmation email to confirm your FREE order as well as your delivery date and training time. You will also receive the payment link for onetime setup fee separately, which is due immediately. iPhysicianHub reserves the right to cancel the order, if the customer does not meet its minimum obligations.


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