iHealthAssistant has everything you need to manage your health. You can use the app on your phone or access your account at from anywhere and anytime.


Store Health Records

  • Take a picture and store or search and upload documents or pictures.

Record Vitals

  • Record your BP levels, sugar levels, weight, temperature, etc. to track and to share with the doctor

Record Medications

  • Record and keep track of your current and past medications, dosages, duration, allergies to medications, etc.

Maintain Health History

  • Record your health problems/date and time, procedures, food allergies, etc.

Setup Health Reminders

  • Setup reminders for medications or doctor appointments and receive alerts.

Share Health Records

  • Share your health records, health vitals, medications, and health history with a doctor by secure SMS or E-mail or show your app.

Emergency Health Buddy

  • Designate emergency health contact to access and share your health records via SMS or Email in case of emergency.
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Book Doctor Appointments

  • Search nearby doctors and book appointments.

Book e-Consultation

  • Book e-consult with a Doctor to review reports or health conditions.

Book Diagnostic Tests

  • Order routine and preventive tests for sample collection at home and pay discounted prices.

Order Medications

  • Take a picture and send doctor’s prescription order and pickup at nearby pharmacy or choose home delivery and pay discounted price.

Pay Discounted Fee

  • Pay discounted fee at participating doctors, hospitals, dentists, labs, and pharmacies for all your health care needs.

Receive Discount Offers/Coupons

  • Always check your app for the latest discount offers and coupons for medications, procedures, therapy, etc.

Pay with Credit / Debit Card / Paytm

  • Make payment with Credit / Debit Card / Paytm for any doctor or hospital and receive confirmation in minutes.

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